Monday, November 28, 2016

Hillary says only Trump Supporters Riot, after Election her Supporter’s Riot

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, there has been rioting in the streets. Some of the harshest riots have been in Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City; these cities were some of Clinton’s biggest supporters. Smaller demonstrators were held at University of California campuses and neighborhoods in UCLA, Berkeley, Irvine and Davis, and at San Jose State. 

It’s not Trump’s supporters who are
tipping over cop cars, torching businesses, or beating up Trump voters. The rioters won’t listen to Trump, but they might listen to Hillary.

During the third and final presidential debate, the Republican nominee Donald Trump flat out accuses the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of paying people to incite violence at his rallies.

A police car is one of a number of vehicles set on fire as people protest against Trump

Trump said, "I was wondering what happened with my rally in Chicago and other rallies where we had such violence. She’s the one, and Obama, that caused the violence. They hired people, they paid them $1,500, and they’re on tape saying, be violent, cause fights, do bad things."

Trump continued, "When I saw what they did, which is a criminal act by the way, where they’re telling people to go out and start fist-fights and start violence. In particular in Chicago people were hurt, and people could’ve been killed in that riot. And that was now all on tape started by her."

Still, after all the proof that the anti-Trump rioters are paid by the DNC, there is no apology or any acknowledgement at best towards the accusation.

Scott Foval, the National Director at Americans United for Change (who has also worked with People for the American Way and Americans United for Change) and Robert Creamer, both members of Clinton’s campaign admitted on an undercover video “Rigging the Election,” by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas that they “pay the DNC, then the DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, and the Foval Group executes the s**t on the ground.”

It’s also worth noting that Aaron Black, a Democracy Partners organizer was involved in the Chicago protest along with activist Zulema Rodriguez. Rodriguez was also involved in the Arizona protest which shut down the road to the Trump rally.

Foval continues, “It doesn't matter what the friggin' legal and ethics people say,” Foval concludes. “We need to win this motherf*****r.” Foval also admits that his staff trains protesters “on how to get themselves into a situation on tape, on camera, that we can use later.”

But don’t think that it’s just Hillary supporters who are involved in the rioting. Bernie Sanders supporters were just as active in the shutting down of the Trump rally in Chicago as Clinton’s supporters were.

Look at what happened when the Democratic Party convention in Nevada gave the majority of delegates to Hillary Clinton; all hell broke loose. The event had to be shut down over security concerns.

The Nevada Democratic Party says that Sander’s supporters are behind “physical threats and intimidation, scuffles, screams from bullhorns, and profane insults” and “numerous medical emergencies among delegates pressed up against the dais.”

Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent writes that “the Sanders folks disregarded rules, then when shown the truth, attacked organizers and party officials as tools of a conspiracy to defraud the senator of what was never rightfully his in the first place.”

Ralston continues, “What happened at the Paris Hotel was worse than any New Year’s Eve bacchanal on the Las Vegas Strip, but just as uncontrollable: It was a group of delegates, stirred up by Sanders operatives, determined that the deck was stacked against them and they were going to be cheated.”

A. Barton Hinkle of sums it up nicely, “Sanders supporters in Nevada [and Clinton supporters throughout the whole campaign] threatened people with violence when they didn't get their way. That's not an aberration. It's the essence of his [and Clinton’s] whole campaign.”