Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thugs, Chicago, & United Airlines

By jamesbaxley

I’m sure you’re probably getting tired now about how the United Express Flight 3411 operated by Republic Airlines on April 9th from O’Hare Airport in Chicago had its henchmen board the plane and forcibly remove a paying customer. I’m not, but I am getting tired of all the point of views which are defending the airlines.

One of these United apologists claims to know more than the rest of us little people. Is she a pilot? Is she a former pilot? Or is she a former employee for United? No. She is married to a pilot, therefore this (according to her) makes her an expert in aviation.

Well, my wife is a nurse so does this make me knowledgeable enough to work in the ER? Or work assisting doctors in surgery? Absolutely not. This is the mindset of the Left for certain.

The Left has even blamed Donald Trump, the President of the United States who occupies the highest office in the land and a role model to the entire world for this. A man who threatened and encouraged his supporters to “beat the crap” out of protesters and who mocked a disabled reporter.

According to a freelance journalist who writes for the alt-left fake news rag the Independent, “we’re living in Donald Trump’s America.” A place where “Anti-fascist liberals are committing arson and beating one another, bigots are openly assaulting Muslims at work, schools are getting shot up, and hate crimes have skyrocketed.”

It’s bad enough that we have to jump through hoops to get through security: Take our shoes off, take our belt off, empty our pockets, and pass through the scanner. If we refuse the scanner, we will be groped and felt up and finger raped. The worst part is having to watch our wives, mothers, and daughters go through this virtual rape.

Now we have to worry about TSA or aviation thugs boarding the plane to forcible remove somebody. Not just escorting a person off the plane, but dragging them down the aisle by their arms bleeding and becoming the viral video of the week.

The argument goes that if a flight is overbooked, then those passengers who are “bumped” can exchange their reservation for compensation and a later flight. According to, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires airlines to “seek out people” who may be willing to give up their seats for compensation “before bumping anyone involuntarily” at the “check-in or boarding area.” 

This is a nice argument, but the fact is flight 3411 wasn’t overbooked. With a little investigating on the web I found this information. Why Dr. Dao was forcible removed? 

Despite being a doctor and having patients to attend to the next morning, he was physically removed so four Republic Airline staff members, who had to cover an unstaffed flight at another location could fly to Louisville International Airport, the final destination of flight 3411.

In a nutshell? A profit-driven airline valued the dollar over a paying customer, so United’s paid thugs were given the green light to shake a customer down in order for him to give up the seat he had paid for. And United’s stellar PR response? To claim its staff were all “following established procedures” and called the customer “disruptive and belligerent”. This, coming from "Communicator of the Year for 2017" by PRWeek.

As of Tuesday (April 11) United Continental Holdings was down 3.99 percent which wiped some $675 million off its market capitalization of $22.5 billion. In pre-market trading on Tuesday, the company’s stock value dropped as much as 6% which eliminated $1.4 billion from United Continental Holdings market capitalization. 

This may be why United CEO Oscar Muñoz changed his tune in which he now describes the incident as "truly horrific" and expressed an understanding of the "outrage, anger, disappointment" felt by many. Muñoz added that "No one should ever be mistreated this way."

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